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Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking is confirmed once the company (Charnwood Boat Hire) has received a signed booking form with a deposit of 25% of the total hire fee and the hirer has received a Confirmation of Booking from the company. Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer (or by card through the office at Pillings Lock). The balance of the total price is due at least 8 weeks prior to the holiday start date. Full payment is required with the booking form for bookings made within 8 weeks of the holiday start date.

A non-refundable damage waiver payment is not required. Instead a security deposit of £350 is payable with the final payment. This will be returned in full (minus the cost of refuelling carried out by the company) within 7 days upon the safe return of the boat and its inventory on time and in a clean condition and providing that the boat has not suffered any damage or been involved in any accident. Items such as lost or broken windlasses, boat poles, lock keys will also normally be recouped from this. (In the event of cancellation the security deposit will be returned irrespective of whether the boat is re-let)

If the hirer has to cancel the booking, it must be done in writing as soon as possible. The company will attempt to re-let the boat. If this is successful, all monies less the deposit will be refunded. If the company is unable to re-let the boat the hirer is responsible for prompt payment of the balance of the hire fees. (Hirers are advised to make their own cancellation insurance arrangements).

Every endeavour shall be made to ensure that the boat is available and ready for hire at the location, time and date confirmed at time of booking. In the event that the boat is unavailable because of circumstances beyond the company's control for example damage, mechanical breakdown or late return the company shall refund any payments made but shall not otherwise be liable and the contract shall be discharged. Where circumstances make it necessary the company reserves the right to require the boat to start from and/or return to a place other than its normal base. Before the hirer takes the boat over the company may give instruction, demonstration and trials as it thinks fit and require the hirer to sign a Boat Acceptance and Inventory Form prior to departure. The hirer shall take all reasonable care of the boat and shall return it, together with its equipment and contents, in a clean and tidy condition, no later than the time agreed and confirmed. In the event of delay the hirer shall be liable to pay the sum of £25 an hour or part hour and to indemnify the company in respect of all other expenses and losses it may sustain by reason of such delay. Any breakages or damage should be reported and may be charged for.

The boat, its equipment and inventory are insured against public liability risks. The company's insurance policy does not cover personal accident or the hirer's personal belongings and the hirer is advised to take out their own holiday insurance. The Company's policy excludes damage arising from: Speeding (reported or witnessed) Malicious, negligent or intentional damage to the boat, its equipment, the waterways, other boats or structures Return of the boat in a dirty condition Late return of boat Damage to rudder/tiller due to cill damage in locks In the event of any of the above the company shall claim the full cost of repairs, replacement or compensation. Vehicles may be left at the marina but entirely at the owners' risk

The owners cannot accept responsibility for delays or restrictions due to stoppages, drought, flood, strikes, fuel shortage or other circumstances beyond their control. Delays can happen at locks at busy times or if lock gates are obstructed and hirers should allow for this in their plans

The hirer must be a minimum of twenty one years of age and must agree not to permit any person under the age of eighteen years to drive the boat unless closely supervised by a competent person over the age of twenty one.
No all male/all female groups without prior arrangement. Single sex groups, or those where all are 25 years of age or younger, may be required to pay a larger security deposit.

The hirer must not:-

Tow another boat or allow the boat to be towed, unless in an emergency

Travel during the hours of darkness, thick fog, strong winds, flood conditions or on tidal waters (the River Trent becomes tidal shortly after Newark)

Break any speed limits, or travel at speed which creates a breaking wash or inconveniences other waterway users Take any inflammable liquids, barbeques, bicycles, dinghies, canoes, electrical equipment without prior consent Permit any persons other than those named on the booking form to occupy or travel on the boat. Smoking is not permitted on board the boat.

The hirer agrees to:-

Comply with rules, regulations and legislation relating to the use of waterways

Comply with boat operating procedures

The hirer is in charge of the boat and is responsible for the safe navigation of the boat.
In the event of an accident, damage to boat, breakdown or mechanical problem, the hirer must inform the company immediately
The hirer must also:-obtain and record names addresses and registration numbers of other persons/boats involved in an accident
The hirer must not take responsibility for the accident or admit liability
The hirer must provide full details of any breakdown or mechanical failure, but must not endeavour to undertake any repairs unless requested to do so. Every effort will be made to rectify any breakdown/ mechanical failure as soon as is practicably possible following notification. The hirer must proceed in accordance with company instructions.
In the event of accident the company may repossess the boat and the contract will terminate without liability to the company.
In the event that the company insurance is prejudiced or invalidated by any failure on behalf of the hirer to comply with the provisions of this condition the hirer shall indemnify the company in respect of all liability claims, loss, damage or expenses incurred. The hirer is liable for and shall indemnify the company against any claim or charge made by any Waterway authority for damage to waterway property or loss of water.

We want to keep our prices as low as possible and have, therefore, decided to charge for fuel separately. In this way the client decides how much travelling they wish to do i.e how much fuel they wish to use. Your boat will have a full tank when you take it over. The marina has a self-service diesel station so on your return the company will refill the tank and refund the security deposit minus the cost of the fuel. You should allow about £10 a day for fuel although this can vary greatly depending on how far you travel. Note - fuel usage is very much dependant on how fast the boat is driven.

Pets are permitted if requested in advance, at a cost of £20 (£10 per short break) each. Any damage caused by pets must be paid for.

The company reserves the right not to hand over the boat to any hirer whom they do not consider to be a fit person to take charge.
The company may repossess the boat at any time if in the company's opinion the hirer is unsuitable or not behaving responsibly or if the boat or any persons are at risk. In this event the hirer shall remain responsible and no refund shall be given.